Saturday, September 3, 2016

Book review: King and Maxwell - David Baldicci

Author: David Baldicci


Genre: Crime. 

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Star rating: 7.5 out of 10.0

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Summary: King and Maxwell is the sixth in the series featuring Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, ex-secret service and now private investigators. they come across a teenager, Tyler Wingo who is running scared as his father, US serviceman, Sam has gone missing on a mission overseas thought to be dead in action. It turns out Sam was delivering truckload of several 100 Euros to an insurgent group who are targeting a regime the US wants to overthrow but is legally not allowed to. 

Main review: 

The book is fast paced without being breathlessly so, the plot is thick but not overly complex and although there are many characters, all germane to the story line. 

One such character is Edgar Roy who featured in an earlier story, The Sixth Man. He is a savant working for a private intelligence gathering and analysis firm contracted by the US government. His skills are well exploited by Sean and Michelle. In fact, Michelle jokingly offers him a job saying she felt bad about not paying of this invaluable services hacking into all manner of secure material.

Sam Wingo, needless to say, is innocent and makes his way back to the US.

Sean and King track down the hijack to Andy Grant multi-millionaire owner of a defence contractor. Apparently he is seeking revenge on the current US president for the suicides of his parents indirectly caused by another president 25 years ago.  And he needs several million to execute his daring plan involving satellites and serious hacking of government sites etc.

Andy becomes aware of Sean and Michelle and of Sam. Their lives are in constant danger.

Eventually Andy is tracked down, but not before he executes his plan involving the president and, unfortunately, also Michelle. Needless to say, it fails but not without some heart stopping scenes.

The author manages to give Sean and Michelle some depth. There is a lot of bantering between them that goes beyond the job. They are not lovers, but there is great empathy and of course they keep saving each other from certain death.

All’s well that ends well. But Edgar took Michelle’s job offer seriously and accepts.  So, the next novel will doubtless show how this works out for King and Maxwell who aren’t exactly flush with cash!

Further reading suggestion: The Sixth Man - David Baldacci -

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