Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Book Review: Time's Legacy - Barbara Erskine

Title: Time's Legacy


Genre: Supernatural

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Times-Legacy-Barbara-Erskine/dp/0007302290

Star rating: 6.5 ut of 10.0

Buy: Maybe

Borrow: Yes

Summary: Abi Rutherford, a junior vicar inherits a crystal The Serpent Stone from her mother. Abi is already sensitive to the spirit world. The Serpent Stone enables to recall at will scenes from c2,000 years ago when Yeshua (Jesus) walked the earth around today's Glastonbury living and learning with druids.

The story flips alternatively between today and Abi's vision of that far away time, with Yeshua's story unravelling as if in a video recorder.

Main review: 

Kieran Scott is Abi's superior and is seriously concerned about her state of mind and her 'sorcery'. He keep interfering when the bishop, David Paxman, sent her away to rest with Mat and Cal Cavendish at their bed and breakfast in Woodley, Somerset near the Tor. Mat's older brother is a cleric and hence the connection.His younger brother is Justin who later turns out to be a latterday druid.

Initially, Abi's vision of Mora and Jeshua is sporadic, but becomes stronger and more continuous as her experience deepens. Mora is a druid healer. Also involved is a Roman family parents Gaius and Lydia and son Romulus, daughter Petra.  They had move to the far end of Briton to escape the younger brother Flavius who was and is jealous of Gaius.

Flavius comes to Briton on the rdrs of Herod Agrippa to find and eliminate Yeshua who, as the Bible tells us, was seen to be a future King.

In the process Flavius does harm to his brother and the family. But is prevented from harming Yeshua, who sais back to the Holy Land.

Eventually, Yeshua's story in the west country comes to a natural conclusion. The surprise ending is Kier's role in the final unravelling.

Further reading suggestion: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/6651730/Jesus-may-have-visited-Britain-film-suggests.html

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