Saturday, September 3, 2016

Book review: The Diligent Director in a Digital Business World - Geoff Codd

Title: The Diligent Director in a Digital World

Author: Geoff Codd


Genre: Business management 

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Summary: This is a very important addition to the business executive’s reading list. Most senior managers today were not brought up in a digital world. Yet their business and those of their peers and competitors are definitely immersed in it. Without understanding the key implications of this environment, the director will not be executing his/her duties diligently.

Main review: 

This is a very important addition to the business executive’s reading list.  
Joe public is rushing headlong into a digital world, expecting everything to be accessible on-line, be it government services or commercial products and services. And, superficially, all businesses, governmental or private, large or small, seem to have embraced the digital world.  But as any management consultant who has been engaged to provide advice and guidance in digital business will tell you, apart from one or two digital champions in an organisation, most senior execs are woefully unaware of their role and responsibilities in going digital.
Geoff Codd’s book is based on hard experience both as an executive and, later, as a management consultant. His examples are all based on real-life experience; and the many lessons learnt come from a variety of private and public sector organisations.
He is not asking senior business execs to become ‘experts’ in digital; rather he is asking them to adopt a new attitude and behaviour. Above all he is asking them not to leave digital leadership to others but to take their proper role as better-informed decision makers. To help the executives who are willing to leave their comfort zone and take up the digital challenge, Geoff offers his “UNITY” model, again based on experience. And of all the factors that need to be taken into account, he believes that cultural change throughout the business, in relation to IT exploitation, is one of the most important. 

We urge you, the business leader, to read this book, internalise it and exploit it in your workplace.

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