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Book review: Preda's Voice (Guardians of Vaka - Book 1)

Preda's Voice (Guardians of Vaka Book 1) by [Gross, Carolyn]

Title: Preda's Voice (Guardians of Vaka - Book 1)

Author: Carolyn Gross


Genre: Fantasy

Ranking 6.5 out of 10.0

Buy: Maybe

Borrow: Yes

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Summary: Preda Torrance is nearly eighteen, and seldom talks though she is not dumb. Every time someone becomes suspicious of her strange behavior, her dad packs up and moves them somewhere else. Her only companion? is a one-eared alley cat named Fiver.

Preda is surprised when Detective Fox seems to think she has a gift. Aware of her history, the detective tells Preda that he knows her true origins away from planet earth…and that there is a community of people on the verge of war who desperately need her help and leadership.
The first book in a coming-of-age fantasy seriesPreda’s Voice brilliantly portrays epic adventure while candidly recounting the inward journey of a teenage girl struggling to find her place (and voice) in the world.

Main review: 

Preda Torrance is 'arrested' by detective Fox who turns out not only not to be a detective but not even a human. He is from Vaka and so is Preda. His mission is to take her to Vaka as there is a war brewing and they need Preda the sole survivor of the Vocia clan to lead them.

They embark on the spaceship Feria together with his companion Tamron Kait and his son Will and his pal Jim Landi along with Laney Ceren and her clan who have been hiding on volcanic Deception Island off Argentina. There is intrigues and attempted assassination on the flight home.

They move into Hakkan a 'heartstone fortress. But strife continues. A servant Ukra is part of a five person kitchen team working with and for Madam Macera, whose son Frak nearly killed Preda. Ukra turns to be on Preda's side. However after a fire and flood Ukra disappears. the final pages of this first book shows that in fact she is superior to Madam Macera and,presumably, in Book 2 will show her true hand.

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